Selected Products for Ultraviolet (UV) & Ozone (O3)


UV disifection systems can be provided in open channel or in-vessel configuartions. Typically, open channel systems are the most econiical solution for flows >10mgd. In-vessel UV systems are ideal for flows <10mgd and ones that follow MBR's or conventional filtration systems. UV disinfection systems offer proven disinfection alternatives to protect the environment from toxic byproducts formed when hazardous chemicals, like chlorine, combine with organic compounds in receiving waters. UV systems disinfect by inactivating pathogenic microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and parasites which may be in the water and may cause waterborne disease.


Application of ozone in waste water treatment includes the destruction or removal of: complex organic molecules, cyanides and phenols from chemical waste, etc.. In addition, subjecting municipal waste waters or combined municipal waste waters or combined municipal industrial waste waters to a final ozone process enables reuse for applications such as wash-water, irrigation, or fire fighting systems.