Selected Products for Chlorine & Hypchloride Feed Systems


Accurate, safe and reliable metering of chlorine gas using the latest technology for both 150 lb cylinders and ton containers. Full system integration of chlorine gas feed systems including scales, chlorinators, gas control valves, automatic shut-off systems and residual control loops. Chlorine safety systems are also available which included gas leak detectors, automatic valve closure systems and chlorine gas scrubbers.

Chemical Metering Pumps

Complete integration of chemical metering systems utilizing diaphragm and peristaltic positive displacement pumps for chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite, aqueous ammonia, polymer and ferric chloride. Systems can be economically prepackaged and mounted with pumps, valves and controls.


Analyzers are used to measure and monitor a wide range of chemicals and processes within a water and wastewater flow stream. The measuring and monitoring of these chemical concentrations within the stream allows a facility to not only monitor their chemical dosing but it can also provide them a beneficial tool for process control.