Selected Products for Dryers

Drum Drying System

The Drum Drying System, DDS, dries and granulates different types of municipal sludges. The dewatered sludge is granulated in a mixer tailored to the application. It is then dried in the triple-pass drum (three concentric cylinders revolving around a joint axis) in a convective drying process to <10 % residual moisture. The sludge is conveyed pneumatically by the stream of hot gases, ensuring an evenly dried, pasteurized product.

Belt Dryer

Mechanically dewatered sludge and already dried sludge are fed to a feed / mixing screw conveyor. The mixed sludge (approx. 60% DS) is distributed over the entire surface of the drying belt by means of a dosing/distribution screw conveyor. A homogenous layer thickness (4-15 cm, adjustable over the belt width) is achieved by this screw conveyor, as well as by a height-adjustable winder. The mixed sludge is heated and dried by the hot air recycled from the dryer.