Selected Products for Dewatering Filters

Coarse Material Separator

This Sludge Screen is a horizontal in-line coarse material separator comprising an inlet screening zone and a pressing (compacting) zone. The coarse material retained on the stainless steel inner screen surface, is transported to the stainless steel pressing zone and onward to the outlet by an archimedean screw. Compacted coarse material (screenings) are discharged by the action of a regulating cone controlled by detection of increased torque on the drive motor, into a suitable container.

Drying Beds

The process focuses on the concept of rapid drainage of free water with the assistance of a dewatering polymer. The free water is rapidly removed by gravity while further water is removed by natural evaporative processes.

Sludge Baggers

Economical sludge dewatering process that is especially suitable for small domestic and industrial users that produce from 5-250 Kg (10-500 lbs) of dry solids per day. The bags are typically left on the unit for 12-24 hours. They are then removed with a hand cart, tied, and transported to a drying or disposal area. The solid's content at this point will vary from 12% to 20%, (depending on the sludge source). The bags are normally stacked outdoors where further natural drying, or natural freeze-thaw cycles, can result in solids contents of over 50%. The material of the bags allows air to enter for natural drying, yet repels most rain water.