Selected Products for Upflow Clarification/Filtration

Upflow Clarification/Filtration

High solids Commonly used as a drinking water plant, this packaged filtration system also works well as a Title 22 Wastewater Reclamation Filter. It consists of an Adsorption clarifier followed by a multi-media sand filter. It is available in sizes ranging from 50-gpm to 1400-gpm, or multiplies thereof. In the first stage, chemically dosed secondary effluent enters the Adsorption Clarifier, where an up-flow treatment process using a buoyant plastic media combines flocculation and clarification in a single step. The clarified water overflows into a trough and finally into the multi-media sand filter. The key behind this system is the Adsorption clarifier, which removes in excess of 75% of the incoming turbidity. The remaining conditioned solids are then easily captured in the multimedia sand filter. This kind of filtration system consistently produces a high quality effluent, and is particularly forgiving against upset conditions in the upstream biological process.