Selected Products for Membrane Bio-Reactors

Membrane Bioreactor

Membrane biological reactors also know as membrane bioreactor systems or MBRs are a unique wastewater treatment process designed for numerous municipal and industrial applications. Membrane bioreactor systems may be used in such applications as water reuse, new housing developments, parks and resorts, retrofits, and design build projects. MBR's may use either fiber bundles or flat sheet membrane panels and can be fit into concrete or steel tanks. A membrane bioreactor is an ideal design for reclaimed water applications. Other advantages of MBR's include small footprint, and easy retrofit of existing wastewater treatment plants.


Moving Bed Bio-Reactor processes are based on attached growth biofilm principles of biological wastewater treatment. The core of the processes is the biofilm carrier elements or media. While the biofilm is fixed to the media, the media is thoroughly mixed within a reactor and retained in the reactor. In a MBBR application all the biomass is attached on the media and retained in the biological reactor, so there is no return sludge