Selected Products for Conveyance

Sludge Cake Pumps

The concept of using a progressive cavity pump to transfer dewatered biosolids, commonly called sludge cake, is not new. However, the designs of the pumps used have evolved to increase their utility and reliability. Open hopper cake pumps can transport extremely viscous products and municipal sludge with over 45% solids. They have been used under belt presses, centrifuges and screw presses. Using pumps to convey sludge cake offers numerous advantages over using conveyors for the same purpose . Pumps can move cake through vertical sections of pipe and they consume much less space in a building than a conveyor that is limited in its degree of incline. Pumping dewatered sludge cake in a pipe is also much cleaner , reduces odors and eliminates bearings and other wear components associated with a conveyor.

Screw Conveyor

With its low friction chain drive technology, the screw conveyor provides consistent and smooth material transportation from point A to point B. A common application is to elevate sludge dewatered by a belt filter press to a truck loading area.

Solids Handling- Silos

Silos live bottom hoppers are used to store and load difficult and sticky municipal water and waste- water treatment plant dewatered solids, typically from a centrifuges, belt filter press, or screw press. Silos allow for a wide ranging solids content and material pressure. They are reliable, clean and can rapidly load your sludge hauling vehicle