Selected Products for Packaged Plants

Packaged Membrane Systems

The membrane biological reactor (MBR) packaged plant is a robust wastewater treatment process with inherent features designed to reduce maintenance and provide reliable and efficient wastewater treatment and reclamation for small scale applications. Equipment selection is dependent on effluent requirements, ease of maintenance and operation, power consumption, future expansion, and initial capital costs. Above all, the MBR operating system is designed to be safe and convenient for plant operators

High Solids

High solids Commonly used as a drinking water plant, this packaged filtration system also works well as a Title 22 Wastewater Reclamation Filter. It consists of an Adsorption clarifier followed by a multi-media sand filter. It is available in sizes ranging from 50-gpm to 1400-gpm, or multiplies thereof. In the first stage, chemically dosed secondary effluent enters the Adsorption Clarifier, where an up-flow treatment process using a buoyant plastic media combines flocculation and clarification in a single step. The clarified water overflows into a trough and finally into the multi-media sand filter. The key behind this system is the Adsorption clarifier, which removes in excess of 75% of the incoming turbidity. The remaining conditioned solids are then easily captured in the multimedia sand filter. This kind of filtration system consistently produces a high quality effluent, and is particularly forgiving against upset conditions in the upstream biological process.

Packaged Plant

The Packaged Plant combines clarification and filtration in one pre-fabricated, fully automatic unit. The plant consistently delivers high-quality water and is specifically designed to treat surface waters. Engineered for flexibility and robustness, the system offers quick chemical optimization and rapid startup and shut-down. Flow rates from 40 to 320 m3/hr per unit.