Selected Products for Membranes

Submerged Membranes

Submerged membrane technology provides an economical solution to large capacity treatment systems with reduced plant footprint, chemicals and power consumption. Submerged technology provides unique in-situ integrity testing which validates removal down to two-tenth of a micron, while meeting new and future standards.

Pressurized Microfiltration

Self-contained membrane filtration system that uses our most advanced, industry-proven membrane technology. This completely engineered, fully assembled and factory tested unit is shipped ready-to-run which minimizes integration, installation and start-up costs. Ideally suited for small communities where suspended solids removal is critical. It’s straightforward and compact design maximizes the efficiency and reliability in producing the quality and quantity of water you need, when you need it.This Clarifier combines basic chemical principles and prove clarification technology in a high-rate, solids contact clarifier that offers maximum efficiency. The clarifier combines the principles of a sludge blanket and solids contact system into a single, highrate, clarification unit. Capable of removing turbidity, color, TOC and other constituents in both municipal and industrial water applications.