Selected Products for Upflow Clarification

High Rate Clarifiers

High Rate Clarifiers employ the principle of internal slurry recirculation to accelerate chemical reactions and dense particle growth. Mixing and reaction, return flow, and sludge removal functions are performed in a single-basin unit that requires less than half the volume of conventional multi-tank systems. The key to a successful design is a low-shear rotorimpeller combination that controls mixing and slurry recirculation at independent rates to handle rapid changes in water characteristics. It employs dynamic separation of slurry from clarified water allowing increased loading rates versus competing technologies.


This Clarifier combines basic chemical principles and prove clarification technology in a high-rate, solids contact clarifier that offers maximum efficiency. The clarifier combines the principles of a sludge blanket and solids contact system into a single, highrate, clarification unit. Capable of removing turbidity, color, TOC and other constituents in both municipal and industrial water applications.