Selected Products for Flocculators

Horizontal Flocculators

One of the most economical options for almost any flocculation need, this proven process has been utilized in thousands of plants across the country. Standard design provides multiple paddles in several tanks with staged velocity gradients using a single shaft and drive. Costly support bridges are eliminated with this configuration. Applicable for retrofit applications too.

Flocculating Baffles

Baffle walls are specifically designed for potable water and wastewater treatment flow control. Fiberglass baffle walls help to enhance the disinfection process and reduce the use of chemicals. Baffle walls direct and control water flow, reducing short circuiting in the tank. This, in turn, cuts operating costs. Structural baffle walls are specially engineered to handle water differential, wind loading and dynamic loads. They are also certified for use in potable water applications. Baffle walls are easy and fast to install resulting in lower cost and faster installation. The baffle system can also be easily reconfigured if flow pattern adjustments are necessary.