Selected Products for Mixers

In-Line Mixers

In-Line mixer’s are specifically designed for water treatment flash mixing applications. These units can handle very high flows at low head loss while providing high intensity agitation to ensure complete dispersion of coagulants into the water. These mixers are mounted directly in the water line and replace the need for concrete rapid mix chambers and the associated conventional top entry mixer.

Chemical Induction

Chemical induction units offer improved chlorination/dechlorination through the high efficiency mixing of gaseous or liquid chemicals with process water. Ideal for use in all-vacuum gas feed systems or to complement chemical feed pumping systems. For use in contact basins, headwaters, return sludge processes, clarifier inlets, collection boxes, equalizer tanks, and clear wells. Chemicial induction is an ideal choice when feeding low flow liquid chemical feeds into large process flows due its excellent mixing capability.

Vertical Flash

High performance mixer drives provide long life and reliable operation. Low RPM mixers provide necessary superficial velocity with minimal shear and lower power consumption. Impellers are designed for enhanced flocculation and the lowest possible shear.