Selected Products for Clarifiers

Balasted Floc

The Ballasted Floc process is a compact, conventional-type water clarification system that utilizes microsand as a seed for floc formation. The microsand provides surface area that enhances flocculation and acts as a ballast or weight. The resulting sand ballasted floc display unique settling characteristics, which allow for clarifier designs with high overflow rates and short retention times. These designs result in system footprints that are between 5 and 20 times smaller than conventional clarification systems of similar capacity.

Floating Decanters

State-of-the-art floating decanter design utilize multiple orifices to keep velocities at a minimum, and pull treated effluent from below the surface to eliminate the possibility of entraining floatables. Decanters are constructed of high quality, durable, corrosive resistant materials with a manual override and requires little to no routine maintenance.

Tube Settlers

Tube settlers offer an inexpensive method of upgrading existing water treatment plant clarifiers and sedimentation basins to improve performance. They can also reduce the tankage/footprint required in new installations or improve the performance of existing settling basins by reducing the solids loading on downstream filters.

Chain & Scraper

Chain & Scraper mechanism are suitable for primary, secondary, storm water collection and water plant service. A chain & scraper design is a high-quality option for both new and existing rectangular clarifier installations. Easy to install, the system is comprised of light-weight components such as non metallic flights which also makes maintenance tasks simple and convenient.