Selected Products for Liquid/Solids Separation

Traveling Water Screens

Traveling water screens are designed to remove trash, sticks, and other debris from surface water sources such as rivers and lakes before entering a drinking water treatment plant. Traveling water screens take many forms—from simple to more sophisticated automated screens that have self cleaning features. Some are designed as coarse screens for removal of large floating debris like sticks, trash and plastic; fine screens are capable of removing finer suspended materials. Some screens are configured to safely prevent fish from entering water intake systems.

Sluice & Slide Gates- FRP - Corrosion Resistant

FRP sluice and slide gates are high strength fiberglass gates and guides made to close tolerances and to stringent design specifications. FRP guides and gates have a low coefficient of friction compared to metal on metal designs. Most of all, FRP guide frames do not gall or pit due to friction or chemical attack. FRP is well known for its high strength-to-weight ratio. This light weight feature is advantageous during installation and operation.

Sluice & Slide Gates - Fabricated, Stainless Steel

Fabricated Slide Gates are the industry standard for price and performance. UHMW seating faces in guide grooves, and neoprene face seals provide for low leakage solutions at modest head levels. The resilient P-bulb seal design provides for a low leakage closure. Standard mounting options include: flat-back for flush mounting to a wall face or wall thimble, embed mounting for new channel construction and in-channel mounting for existing channel retrofits. Stainless steel and aluminum construction provides virtually limitless design flexibility.