Selected Products for Grit Removal

Grit Separator

Representing the next generation in grit separation is the result of decades of research to identify and eliminate the inefficiencies of conventional forced vortex grit removal systems. The Grit Separator is a modular, multiple-tray settleable solids concentrator that removes grit as small as 75 microns with minimal headloss. High performance fine grit removal in a small footprint. This allows future capacity increases using existing space. This system can be installed in a poured-in-place concrete basin above or at grade, with a footprint much smaller than conventional grit removal systems.

Grit Dewatering

Improper grit dewatering can defeat the purpose of Grit Removal. Grit and fine abrasives are discharged by a solids classifier into clarifier, where they settle onto the slow-moving stepped cleats. The captured solids are gently lifted out of the clarifier at 1-5 feet per minute. Degritted water flows out of the clarifier via an overflow weir. Dewatering begins as the grit and fine abrasives are quiescently raised from the clarifier pool to retain fine grit. The dewatered abrasives are carried to the top, where they are discharged into a disposal container for landfilling.

Grit Removal & Washing

This system is used for grit collection, grit washing, and sediment removal on pumped flows and for classifying and washing grit on systems where batch discharge is required. also effective at removing snail shells accumulated in trickling filters