Selected Products for Screenings Washing & Compacting

Washer-Compactors with Grinder Preconditioning

Washer-Compactors with Grinder Preconditioning produce an ultra-clean discharge using a custom designed system to grind, wash, compact and dewater debris captured by a screen. The system is self contained, and uses a hopper fed system to produce the cleanest screenings possible. The newest washer compactor units use an automated control system that automatically selects optimum torque and spray wash volume to provide a reduction in solids volume of up to 95%.

Washer-Compactors without Grinder Preconditioning

Washer-Compactors without Grinder Preconditioning can be an inexpensive way to wash and compact screenings material when maximum volume reduction and elimination of organics in the screenings is not essential.