Selected Products for Odor Control

Wet Scrubbers

Wet Scrubbers can eliminate offensive odors with wet chemical scrubbing. Reduce odors by up to 99 percent. Customize your odor control system to meet your exact needs for inlet and outlet contaminant concentrations and airflow rates. Treat for airflow rates up to 6,000 CFM.

Biological Scrubbers

Biological scrubbers are typically cylindrical tanks filled with plastic packing material to promote fixed biological growth. Various types of biology may be selected to consume odorous compounds specific to each plant. Odorous air should be passed through activated carbon scrubbers prior to discharge to remove any remaining odors, and the carbon can solely responsible for odor removal during startup of the biological scrubber until the biology is fully developed.

Ionic Odor Control

Polarized-air-ionizing hardware that produces positively and negatively charged oxygen molecules, or ions, has been successfully applied at wastewater facilities for odor control.